Schools in Kingston

In line with Kingston Estate’s family-friendly priorities, there are education opportunities within the Estate, helping shape the development of the community. Kingston Estate view the schooling prospects on offer as their greatest success so far.

Kingston Primary School

Kingston Primary School, running K-7, is part of the revolutionised schooling system, as it was selected as one of the first public schools in WA to become an Independent Public School. This allows for more autonomy in the administration of the school, with the ability to merit select staff. The vision of the school is to be an innovative exemplar of professional education practice and learning for teachers, and to create optimum development opportunities for students.

Kingston Primary School priorities:

  • Social/Behavioural Development
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Located on Macquarie Drive, the school is abundant with specialist teachers including visual arts, music, Japanese language and physical education, with all students participating in these programs.

Kingston Primary school is also unique in that they are a Professional Learning School, in fact they are the very first in Australia. Similar to teaching hospitals, this means that a number of classroom teachers are mentors, and have an intern with them throughout the year. In collaboration with the interns, fourth-year education students from Murdoch University, there is a greater capacity for teachers to meet the needs of all students in the class. 

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Bunbury Catholic College

Kingston Estate also homes the second campus for Bunbury Catholic College (BCC), a 7-12 school dedicated to preparing students for the world of university and beyond, through excellent academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual opportunities. BCC incorporates the Marist style of educating with presence, simplicity, family spirit and love of work.

BCC have ambitions to create an environment to allow each student to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially with a memorable and enjoyable education.

Bunbury Catholic College’s Mercy Campus is located on Leisure Drive.

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Kingston Primary School - apublic school in WA
Kingston Primary school playground for learners
Bunbury Catholic College (BCC), a 7-12 school dedicated to preparing students for the world of university and beyond